Queen guitarist Brian May reveals positive Covid-19 diagnosis

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May took to Instagram to share the news with fans that he has tested positive for Covid-19.

May shared a photo of his positive test on social media, captioning the image: “Yep. The shocking day finally came for me. The dreaded double red line. And yes – definitely NO sympathy please – it has been a truly horrible few days, but I’m OK. And I will tell the tale. PLEASE take extra care out there, good folks. This thing is incredibly transmissible. You really do NOT want it messing up YOUR Christmas. With love – Bri”

May also detailed two “horrendous” days, describing his experience with Covid-19 as “the worst flu you can imagine.”  He said he was feeling better by day seven, but made a plea to his followers, saying, “I cannot emphasize to you enough, this was not the response that my body would have made on its own. It’s making this response because I’ve had three Pfizer jabs. And I beg you and implore you to go and get jabbed if you’re not already, because you need the help.”

Editorial credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com