Nights with Alice Cooper

Coming Up On Nights – d1675

WEDNESDAY 8/17 – The guy who sings “School’s Out” is your DJ! And Alice Cooper likes Frank Zappa, the Who, The Struts, Janis Joplin, The Beatles and Beasto Blanco, and hopes YOU do too! He’ll take your requests to ALICE@NIGHTSWITHALICECOOPER.COM and maybe even tell you stories about Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires! Tune in, it’s only on this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper!

TUESDAY 8/16 – Greetings from your night-freak, Alice Cooper! This fine Tuesday he’ll have Elvis for This Day in Rock, new music from Sammy Hagar, AND trivia on Pink Floyd’s The Wall! Plus, there’s Freaky Facts on car radios and hoverboards, AND a Tuesday Bluesday song by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, AND the best from Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Peter Frampton, STP and Living Colour! Nights with Alice Cooper; random radio for rabid rockers like YOU!

MONDAY 8/15 – Alice Cooper wants to stimulate your eardrums! This evening he’ll have a This Day in Rock on KISS, a Cooper’s Cover of Ministry covering Sabbath, AND Freaky Facts on Hello Kitty and the movie Roadhouse! Then a LIVE tune by Alice himself, originally off Love it To Death, plus songs from Zeppelin, Van Halen, YES, Thin Lizzy and RUSH! Don’t miss a second of the madness, only here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

FRIDAY 8/12 – If Monday you have Friday on your mind, tonight’s your night! Alice Cooper’ll have This Day in Rock on Janis Joplin, cool cuts from Mountain, Iron Maiden, Alice himself and the Stones, not to mention a LIVE cut from Guns N’ Roses. Plus, you’ll get freaky facts on benches and gender bias, whoo hoo! It’s a Friday night freak out, here tonight on the naughty but nice Nights with Alice Cooper!

THURSDAY 8/11 – Happy “little Friday,” and what better way to celebrate than with Uncle Alice Cooper?! He’ll read YOUR emails to ALICE@NIGHTSWITHALICECOOPER.COM and play requests that might be for Journey, RATT, Alice in Chains and of course, Alice with OUT chains, Coop himself! Plus, you’ll get deep tunes by The Who, Nirvana, Cream, Hanoi Rocks, The Stones and of course, Uncle Alice! Nights with Alice Cooper—radio how YOU like it!

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