Nights with Alice Cooper

Coming Up On Nights – d1675

FRIDAY 12/2 – Happy Friday, it’s the freakiest of them all, Alice Cooper! This fine night you’ll get a Live and Kicking tune from Aerosmith, a This Day in Rock on Queen, plus Freaky Facts on stars and Styx! And songs you don’t hate by Stones, Collective Soul, KISS, Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper! Nights with Alice Cooper’s Friday freakout—be there!

THURSDAY  12/1 –  Alice Cooper wants to fill your ears with happiness…and maybe a little custard! He’ll serve up a This Day in Rock featuring Billy Idol; a Cooper’s Cover from Joe Cocker, and TRIVIA on Aerosmith. Then it’s a Bonus Cooper’s Cover from Deep Purple, your requests for Coop and early Foreigner, plus songs from all the greats—and one not-so-great! It’s ALL tonight, right here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

WEDNESDAY 11/30 –  Our king of the nighttime airwaves serves up Hollywood Vampires in Cooper’s Covers; a Last Cut from Lynyrd Skynyrd, AND This Day in Rock honoring The Rolling Stones! And if you behave, you’ll get great ones by  Ratt, the Beatles, UFO, David Bowie. Motorhead and Tom Petty! Nights with Alice Cooper—and music you love played by the host you kinda like!

TUESDAY 11/29 – Greetings from your night-freak Alice Cooper who excited your ears with  Cooper’s Cover from Creedence, TRIVIA about John Mellencamp, AND cool cuts from Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Montrose, Pearl Jam and more! You’ll get Freaky Facts on horses and baseball, new music from Ozzy and Jeff Beck, and KISS in Coop’s Heaven and Hell segment. Nights with Alice Cooper… classic rock that doesn’t suck!

MONDAY 11/28 –  It’s your Monday madman, Alice Cooper, with Halestorm covering a Cinderella song, and bizarre facts on Japan and Caffeine. Plus, a This Day in Rock on Twisted Sister and Ace Frehley. And get this… You’ll have new music from Orianthi and… THE DOORS. Yes, really! Nights with Alice Cooper…. Tune in for amazing rock that rolls!

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