Nights with Alice Cooper

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Happy Friday! It’s your radio troll, Alice Cooper! This evening you’ll get a This Day in Rock featuring the Small Faces, a cover of Elton from Jon Bon Jovi AND trivia on the Clash! Then of course all of your favorites like Freaky Facts, Closet Classic, and new music from Coop’s ex-guitarist Damon Johnson! All the madness and mayhem is here tonight on this Friday edition of Nights with Alice Cooper!

It’s nearly the weekend and Alice Cooper has music that’ll make both party animals and mellow fellows happy! You like Movie Music Madness, Live and Kicking, Cooper’s Covers and all his scintillating segments! You got em, Plus Alice Cooper, of course, with his stories about the Doors, Pink Floyd, the Who and all the bands he knows and loves. Nights with Alice Cooper — the rare radio show that’s well done!

It’s the often Super Duper Alice! On tonight’s radio show Uncle Alice’ll entertain you in ways you never thought possible – a Cooper’s Cover of Bob Dylan from Them, This Day in Rock featuring Bo Diddley, TRIVIA about Ozzy, a Live and Kicking from Nirvana, AND a Last Cut is the Deepest from the Faces! How is all of that possible? Find out later tonight right here on this station!

It’s a Tuesday on Nights with Alice — does that mean a Bluesday, a Twofer or something that doesn’t rhyme? Tune in to find out! Uncle Alice wll give you all the scoop on Billy F. Gibbons, Frank Zappa, Ratt, the Scorpions and probably a LOT of info on his own Detroit Stories! Tune in and turn it up — Nights with Alice Cooper has your back!


Happy Holiday Monday from Alice Cooper and his Nights minions. Fear not, we never take a break here, so if you like Zeppelin, Cream, Guns N Roses, Janis Joplin, Motley Crue and that Alice Cooper guy, you’re in luck tonight! Plus, if you behave you might get Freaky Facts on snails and toenails, plus, Cooper’s Covers and Coop’s cool stories on pals like Joe Perry, Sammy Hagar and Bernie Taupin! Nights with Alice Cooper — rad radio for mutant minions!

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