Nights with Alice Cooper

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THURSDAY 3/23/23 – Greetings and salutations from your night guy, Alice Cooper! Tune in tonight for John Lennon for This Day in Rock, a Closet Classic from Cream, AND your favorites from AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Deep Purple, Joan Jett and Van Halen. Then it’s a Bonus Beatles cover by the Black Crowes and a BackTalk segement with Steve Miller. Don’t miss the Thursday shenanigans, right here tonight on Nights with Chloe Kardashian…I mean, Alice Cooper!

WEDNESDAY 3/22/23 – Alice has a killer show in store for you this midweek evening! First of all, Coop’ll be talking to his guitarist Nita Strauss and spinning her brand-new single, then he’ll have a great Cooper’s Cover of a classic from the Sweet, Freaky Facts on goldfish and Legos, AND a great Live & Kicking tune from Thin Lizzy! Plus your favorites from AC/DC, Nirvana, the Boss, The Cars and Sammy Hagar! It’s a humpnight humdinger, only right here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

TUESDAY 3/21/23 – The king of the nighttime airwaves, Alice Cooper, is coming at ya tonight so don’t be late! Tune in this evening for trivia on Bon Jovi, a Song We Don’t Understand from Alice himself, and Alice’s Email from people like yourself. PLUS Freaky Facts on cereal and love songs AND a great Live & Kicking tune from the Stones! Plus the Bulletboys in Cooper’s Covers. And if you’re good, he’ll spin your favorites from Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Def Leppard, Styx, Joan Jett, and Mariah Carey (one of those was wrong…you pick)! Tune in for Tuesday night treats on the always-effusive  Nights With Alice Cooper.

MONDAY 3/20/23 – Alice Cooper is here at the beginning of the week to get you started right!  Listen to his show tonight for a ‘This Day in Rock’ featuring John & Yoko AND Freaky Facts on lightning bolts! PLUS I’ve got Ya Gotta Love the ‘80s with the Van Hagar, a Song We Just Don’t Understand from Joan Jett and great songs from The Boss, GNR, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and ME, darn it! Start your week off the right way—listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

FRIDAY 3/17/23 –  Coming up later it’s your night-freak Alice Cooper, ready to host your St. Patty’s Day party on the radio! He’ll have a Cooper’s Cover of the Dubliners, bizarre facts all about St. Patrick, stories about drunken rock stars, AND Irish Classics from Van Morrison and Them, U2 and Green Day! Then it’s Thin Lizzy doing ‘Whiskey in the Jar’, a BackTalk segment featuring the late and very Irish Eddie Money, and Coop’s got your favorites from Def Leppard, George Thorogood, Blind Melon, and Rush! Put on your green underwear, kiss a blarney stone and crank it up, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!