Nights with Alice Cooper

Coming Up On Nights – Nights with Alice Cooper

Happy Friday from your night freak Alice Cooper! Get your weekend started tonight with Coop—he’ll have a This Day in Rock featuring Mott the Hoople, trivia on Eddie  Van Halen, and maybe even one of HIS Songs that YOU request! PLUS he’ll dish up a really cool Cooper’s Cover of Tina Turner singing Creedence, and the new segment, Happy Til It Hurts plus a Live and Kicking Tune from the Doors. Join your happy host tonight, only right here on  Nights with that Alice Cooper guy!

It’s Alice Cooper, here to remind you to join HIM tonight on his radio show! You’ll get TRIVIA on Loverboy, New Music From Sammy Hagar and Freaky Facts on drums and Cher. Plus, Cpp’s digging up music that doesn’t suck from Guns N’ Roses, Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Paul McCartney and yes, the Detroit Stories creator himself! Don’t miss a minute of tonight’s Nights with Alice Cooper, right here on THIS very station!

It’s midweek madness on the day that Alice Cooper refuses to call “Hump Day.” It’s all downhill to the weekend, and if you’re good boils and ghouls, Coop’ll play your requests for Cream, U2, Motley Crue, Janis Joplin, Slayer (just kidding!) and Vanilla Fudge. (RIP, Tim Bogert.)  There are so many Freaky Facts on stuff like Hello Kitty, Volkswagens and scotch tape and some of them may even be true! It’s rock talk and a touch of shock that will make you say “Nights with Alice Cooper is my jam, man!”

Greetings minions, it’s your trusted radio rambler Alice Cooper! On tonight’s show he’ll have a This Day in Rock on pal John Lennon, Freaky Facts on Beyonce and shampoo, AND a great version of an early Fleetwood Mac song done by Judas Priest! Then it’s Alice’s new GOOD NEWS segment featuring the Stones, a Tuesday Bluesday tune, plus cool crap by Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, David Lee Roth, BTO and The Coop! It’s a sonic freakout with a side of friends, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Happy Manic Monday, it’s your Super Cuper host Alice Cooper! Hang out tonight with him and you’ll get a This Day in Rock featuring Jimi Hendrix, bizarre facts about cocaine and crying, AND a Movie Music Madness tune by Mick Jagger. Then of course Alice’ll be taking EMAIL requests, AND he’s got songs you won’t hate from The Doors, Nirvana, the Guess Who, Led Zeppelin and maybe even new music from Detroit Stories! Nights with Alice Cooper, it’s the best way to start your wintry week, on the radio show your Auntie Grizelda calls Nights with Alice Cooper!  

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