Nights with Alice Cooper

Coming Up On Nights – Nights with Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is gonna DJ your Friday night party… for free! If you want The Doors, Frank Zappa, Guns ‘ Roses, Aerosmith, the Cars and Janis Joplin, then this is the show for you! Plus you’ll get Coop’s rock star stories, Freaky Facts that might be about Porky’s and tricycles, and maybe even new music from Coop’s own Detroit Stories album! Nights with Alice Cooper has your Friday fun, plus classic rock that really rocks! 

If you want rock & talk that doesn’t suck tune in to Nights with Alice Cooper this evening! Tonight Coop has a This Day in Rock featuring David Lee Roth, TRIVIA on Ratt, Freaky Facts about Domino’s Pizza and toilets, AND a Live & Kicking from Dokken! Then Coop’s Closet Classic of rare music, and favorites from the Stones, Def Leppard, Zeppelin, Queen and more! It’s action-packed radio for couch potatoes like YOU, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

It’s your nigh watchman Alice Cooper, and this evening he’s got an epic show planned — Coop’ll spin a Cooper’s Covers from Faster Pussycat, a Last Cut from that Alice Cooper fellow; This Day in Rock honoring the Pretenders, AND Freaky facts on Abba and the Louvre! Then it’s a Live and Kicking tune from AC/DC, PLUS your favorite tracks from Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Boston, and more. It’s the only worthwhile thing on the radio — Nights with Alice Cooper, right here tonight!

It’s a date! Alice Cooper wants to spend five yours with you, where you guys can rock out to Faith No More, Black Sabbath, the Pretenders, Head East and maybe even some ’80s hair metal bands! Coop’s little radio program will feature YOUR requests for stuff like Frank Zappa and Boston, sent to ALICE@NIGHTSWITHALICECOOPER.COM. And, of course, your favorite segments, like Cooper’s Covers and Live and Kicking! Tune in or miss out on this terrific Tuesday of Nights with Alice Cooper mayhem!

Greetings from Alice Cooper on a manic Monday! Celebrate this epic evening with a This Day in Rock in honor of  Ozzy Osbourne, a Cooper’s Cover of Chris Cornell covering John Lennon, trivia on YES, and Alice’ll spin a Last Cut from Twisted Sister! Plus, your favorites from Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Aerosmith and yes, The Coop!! Start your week on this bat channel, for this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper!

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