Nights with Alice Cooper

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FRIDAY 9/24 – Happy Friday from your radio rockstar Alice Cooper! Start your weekend with Uncle Alice tonight – on This Day in Rock it’s ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, PLUS a cool Cooper’s Cover from Cheap Trick. Then you’ll get TRIVIA on the Stones, and live music from Yours Truly! Plus, of course, he Who, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and the rest! It’s a Friday night freakout, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

THURSDAY 9/23 – Greetings from the king of your kind, Alice Cooper! He’ll be on the radio this evening, doing the tough work of keeping you sane — you’ll get stellar songs by Queen, Zeppelin, AC/DC, and, if you’re lucky, Foreigner! Plus, Coop might take YOUR suggestions for Cooper’s Covers and maybe even a Live and Kicking tune. Nights with Alice Cooper—the ONLY radio show you need for ALL your rock’n’ roll fantasies!!

WEDNESDAY 9/22 – Our host with the most, Uncle Alice Cooper, has the scoop on tonight’s radio show! He’ll have a Cooper’s Covers from Krokus – yes, really – and a This Day in Rock featuring David Bowie. Plus, you’ll get new music from Dirty Honey, tunes from Coop, Peter Frampton, AC/DC, Zeppelin, Metallica, and even REO Speedwagon! It’s the freak show we like to call Nights with Alice Cooper, only right here TONIGHT!

TUESDAY 9/21 – Rock ‘n’ talk that’s not a crock, all served to you by a rock star-golfer-icon? Yep, it’s Nights with Alice Cooper tonight! You like Donovan, Boston, Guns n’ Roses, Aerosmith and bands like Anthrax and Disturbed doing covers? Plus, Alice reads your requests, questions and more that y’all sent to Nights with Alice Cooper, all the rock & talk those other stations are afraid of… right here on Nights with Alice Cooper! 

MONDAY 9/20 – Greetings from your radio rambler, Alice Cooper! On this Monday madness radio show he’s got This Day in Rock featuring Skynyrd, a Cooper’s Cover from his own Hollywood Vampires, and TRIVIA on Pink Floyd’s The Wall! Then it’s your favorites from Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Alice in Chains, and the Stones, PLUS Alice’s informatively awesome nightly Beatles tuneage! It’s Monday madness for mutants like YOU, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

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