Nights with Alice Cooper

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THURSDAY 12/9 – It’s Alice Cooper reminding you to tune in TONIGHT to his show! He’s got This Day in Rock featuring the Beatles, TRIVIA on ZZ Top, and the songs you want to hear from Skynyrd, The Doors, Ratt, Janis Joplin, Guns N’ Roses and yes, even April Wine! Of course, Coop’ll serve up Freaky Facts that might be about apples and jazz and our night host will dig up a Closet Classic of rare rock direct from the depths of his closet! Let’s spend the night together, only here this evening on Nights with Alice Cooper!

WEDNESDAY 12/8 – Hello kiddies, Alice Cooper, your nightmare of a night host has a great show that includes a This Day in Rock on John Lennon, trivia on the Guess Who and new music from the Scorpions! Then he’ll spin your favorites from Queen, Van Halen, KISS and Pink Floyd, plus so much more that you’ll have to get an extra suitcase for all the music! Tune in tonight for Nights with Alice Cooper—rock and talk that doesn’t suck!

TUESDAY 12/7 –  Uncle Alice wants to make your Tuesday night not suck, so he’ll do that with heaping helping of Led Zeppelin, Halestorm, Edgar Winters, RUSH, and of course, our host! If you behave, Coop might have facts that are actually true about dolls, lightbulbs and garlic! Plus, of course, segments including Cooper’s Covers, Last Cut is the Deepest and Live & Kicking. Nights with Alice Cooper, the only radio show hosted by a golfing, makeup-wearing rockstar!

MONDAY 12/6 – Happy Monday from the ever-cheerful Nights with Alice Cooper! Listen tonight for a Lizzy of Halestorm covering Temple of the Dog, a This Day in Rock on Emerson Lake and Palmer and Coop’s own song No More Mr. Nice Guy explained. Plus you get a Last Cut from Metallica and tunes by the Stones, Rainbow, Van Halen, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and more! It’s music madness for mutants, only on tonight’s Nights with Alice Cooper!

FRIDAY 12/3 – It’s your Friday freak, Alice Cooper, here to get your weekend going! How., you ask!  Well, Uncle Alice has good taste in music, so you just might get your favorites from the Iron Maiden, Police, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Van Halen and loads MORE! There’s a This Day in Rock on Keith Richards of the Stones who keep rolling, a Movie Music Madness tune, and of course The Beatles in Order! You might even get Freaky Facts on Glue and Hello Kitty! Tune in to find out on a Friday freakout—only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

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