Nights with Alice Cooper

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FRIDAY 5/27 –  Happy Friday! It’s your radio-goblin Alice Cooper! Let’s kickstart your weekend—a bluesy Cooper’s Cover from Aerosmith, a cool ‘Last Cut’ from the Stones, This Day in Rock featuring the Sex Pistols, plus a rare Closet Classic that will blow your mind! And Uncle Alice’ll be taking EMAIL requests for Montrose and duh, Alice Cooper! All the madness and mayhem is here tonight on the Friday night edition of Nights with Alice Cooper–as Dio says, We Rock!

THURSDAY 5/26 – It’s Alice Cooper, the king of your nighttime airwaves, here to remind you to listen to HIS show tonight! Uncle Alice has trivia on The Police, a Live and Kicking from the Who, and a Cooper’s Cover from Chris Cornell. Plus, he’s dug up some of his OWN deep cuts, plus cool songs from Ozzy, STP, Skynyrd, Queen, Sammy Hagar and the Cars! All this and more is YOURS, only on this bat station, on this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper!

WEDNESDAY 5/25 – Classic rock deep cuts that those OTHER stations are afraid to play? That’s what happens on the always soaring, never boring Alice Cooper! You know he loves The Who, Frank Zappa, The Doors, his buddies in Guns N’ Roses, so it’s a safe bet you might get them…. and more! Plus, if you wrote to Alice at, Coop might read YOUR email! NWAC–tune in for midweek madness, rock fans, you won’t be sorry! 

TUESDAY 5/24 – Greetings, minions! It’s Alice Cooper, your host with the most…. songs! Tune in tonight for at This Day in Rock on Peter Criss and KISS, trivia on Pink Floyd, and a Bonus Cooper’s cover from Disturbed. Of course, you’ll get lots of stories from Alice about Aerosmith, RUSH and more, and cool cuts by Van Halen, Wings, Whitesnake, Rick Derringer and yes, Triumph! It’s Nights with Alice Cooper—the rare radio show that’s well done!

MONDAY 5/23 – HEY! Alice Cooper will make your Monday rule with his humor and choice of rock classics! So, how about a great Cooper’s Cover from the late John Entwistle of The Who; a Last Cut from Queen’s ‘Sheer Heart Attack,’ and the best rock from Deep Purple, Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and yes, Uncle Alice! Plus a This Day in Rock the Brothers Doobie! It’s Monday madness on Nights with Alice Cooper, so stay tuned or miss out, pretties!!

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