Well well well……..I can’t believe you are actually reading this, but I might as well start at the beginning to bring you up to speed. It took me 12 long years of begging and pleading to get into radio but the effort was worth it (and a few photo’s of our boss in fishnet stocking with a rubber boot on his head didn’t hurt either), cuz here I am, and I’m not leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am into all music, except county and western, but for the most part I am all about Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and ALL THINGS 80’s!
On a personal note, I have a beautiful daughter (who gets on air with me from time to time). Concerts are my drug of choice, Mt. Dew is my addiction, and cooking dead animals on my grill while hanging out with friends and family is what I love to do in my down time. Oh yeah I have 3 tattoos (and counting), love all things sports related, my favorite quote (till I find one better) is “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Mentally Unrestricted”, and the first thing I always say when someone enters a room and wants to ask me a question is “I didn’t do it, It’s not my fault, you can’t prove a thing!”
There ya go me in a nut shell…… get out!

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