Robert Plant Was Up for a Led Zeppelin Reunion at the Hurricane Sandy Benefit Last Year...But Jimmy Page Said No

Earlier this year, we heard that BILL CLINTON tried to broker a deal to get LED ZEPPELIN to reunite at the "'12-12-12' Concert for Sandy Relief" last December . . . but he failed.  That wasn't surprising.


But as it turns out, it wasn't ROBERT PLANT who turned him down.


At the premiere of a documentary on the concert, movie producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN said, quote, "We get an OK from Plant if [JIMMYPAGE will do it . . . [but] Jimmy Page [didn't] want to do it."


And get this:  Clinton wasn't the only President who tried to make it happen.  They also had PRESIDENT OBAMA take a stab at it.


Weinstein added, quote, "Jimmy Page struck out Obama and Bill Clinton.  That will live on in infamy."


Interestingly enough, the SAME WEEK of the 12-12-12 benefit, Jimmy Page told "Guitar World" that he wanted to go out on tour . . . and suggested that since Led Zeppelin wasn't going to happen, he'd find a new group of guys to play with.


That jived with all we'd been hearing up until that point, that Jimmy, JOHN PAUL JONES and JASON BONHAM would be interested in a reunion . . . but that Plant wanted no part of it.


Then, things got interesting earlier this year, when Plant said, quote, "I'm not the bad guy . . . you need to see [Jimmy and John] . . . I've got nothing to do in 2014."


And in June, there was a bizarre report claiming that John had "ruled it out," because he's too busy writing AN OPERA.  (???)


(To be fair, if Jimmy did turn down a Zeppelin performance at the benefit it doesn't mean he didn't want to do it . . . maybe he couldn't make it happen for some other reason.)


(The bottom line is:  These guys KNOW they could make a ton of money reuniting Zeppelin . . . and they KNOW they could make a ton of fans happy.)


(If they don't want to do it for whatever reason, fine.  But they have every opportunity in the world to do whatever they want, if everyone is onboard.)